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Your guide to Shopping Madrid

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Shop Madrid at your leisure knowing that with this handy guide you will not miss a thing! Shopping in Madrid explained for all. From Stamps to Souvenirs, it is all here!

Behind the famous Siesta shopping comes a close second in the list of priorities for Madrilenos (after all you have to look the part when you go out to eat at least three times a week!) Top fashion labels as well as independent designers means there are a number of Madrid stores where that "unique" item can be had.

For those looking for cheap and cheerful souvenirs there are many options in either Europes largest Sunday market or one of the many tourist stores in the city centre.

El Rastro

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Every Sunday morning the streets of Barrio La Latina are taken over by thousands of people as the whole area is transformed into Europes biggest outdoor market. El rastro is where small businesses, maket stalls and anyone with a table or suitcase come to sell just about anything!

Clothes, souvenirs, electrical goods, football jerseys, paintings and even medieval chastity belts are among the offerings. Its almost as if the accumulated wealth of the country is up for sale every week!

Shop Madrid recommends a visit even if you have no intention of purchasing anything!

For a virtual visit check out our gallery of El Rastro photos !

Madrids Markets

Spanish towns and villages love their markets and in Madrid the only difference is the sheer variety of markets on offer. From the Madrid stamp market held in the historic setting underneath the arches of Plaza Mayor, to the fresh seafood on offer at one of the local fish markets there is something for everyone! Shop Madrid in those places that the guide books do not list & grab yourself a bargain!

Madrid Commercial Centers

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Want everything in one place? Or do you prefer to go shopping where there is Air Conditioning? Try one of the numerous commercial centers (thats a Mall for our American cousins) for all the high street labels under one roof.

You need not worry about the children as there are a range of activities on offer from 10 pin bowling to Skiing depending where you go. I am sure there are even one or two adults out there who will happily leave the stores to "supervise" the little ones.

Fashion! Fashion! Fashion!

Madrid fashion week

One for the designer labels or simply looking for something unique in which to stand out from the crowd? Here is your greatest desire, all Madrids major fashion shows and exhibitions along with enterance details!

If you want something extra special... Madrids designer stores and boutiques are the preserve of those with an eye for quality, something different & of course a credit card that can take the strain!

Do as the Spanish Do!

Store interior

For the best Madrid shops catering to all and sundry. Your guide to the shopping districts where you can enjoy the best of Spains stores. Typical Spanish products, leather, shoes and clothes are mixed with everything you would expect from a normal town centre... Of course everything comes with a hint of Spanish design!

Your guide to the High street names and their products, department stores explained and where to go for those essentials you maybe forgot to pack!

Shop Madrids Antique Scene

Spains rich history as a part of other empires (Roman, Napoleonic) coupled with the articles bought back by its great explorers means there is a wealth of items available for even the most discerning collector. All this is before we even consider Spains status as a mediteranean trading nation.

Roman artifacts, South and Central American native jewellery and African tribal art are all available from the numerous Madrid Antique shops alongside the Antiques of a Spanish life unchanged for much of its two thousand years!


A typical Spanish hand fan

What do you buy for the important, and sometimes not so important, people that could not come with you? Or maybe you want something meaningful to remind you of your time here?

The how, what, where and how much of the Madrid souvenir scene. Includes helpful hints and tips on getting your gifts at the best price as well as how to get them home in one piece. No one likes the idea of their hard found souvenir being confiscated at the airport.

Shop Madrid ..... TAX FREE!!!

For those visitors from outside the EU. Where to go and what to ask for in order to get your money back at the airport on departure. Always nice to get that little bonus when you thought your Madrid holiday was over! Shop Madrid safe in the knowledge you will be getting back up to 17% of the purchase price.

Guarantee yourself the most time available to Shop Madrid by checking out how to get around the city!

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