Work in Spain

Work in Spain

Finding work in Spain is not as difficult as you may think. Spain is now the 5th biggest economy in Europe but still has a cost of living far lower than other european countries. Couple this with world class educational, medical & recreational facilities and its no suprise that tens of thousands of professionals flock here from all over Europe.

You can work here simply and easily!

Check out the following pages to find out exactly how!

Right to work in Spain

First hurdle! Do you have the automatic right to work in Spain? Without the right to Spanish employment there is no point in wasting time and money looking for a job here. Thankfully No one is automatically excluded from working in Spain!

The process may be longer for citizens of some countries than others but the multicultural society that today exists in Spain is testament to the fact that almost anyone can, with time and effort work legally in Spain.

A list of valuable Spanish government and social security webpages are included along with various EU employment publications. Good reference material as well as hndy hints!

Summer jobs in Spain

Explore the possibility of working the summer in Spain with our guide to bar, hotl and restaurant employment. Covers everything from how to get the job to what the tax implications are.

Your chance for a summer in the sun!

Spanish employment contracts

Be aware of your employment rights in Spain which happen to vary considerably depending on what Spanish workers contract type you've signed! Compensation in the event of things not working out is something in your first Spanish is something that will assist in finding the right second job!

Educational Certificate recognition

If you are looking to continue to work in Spain in your present professional field it is essential that your educational qualifications are recognised!

This page allows you to see where you fit into the system, the process to go through and how and where to do so. Make sure that your employment in Spain starts at the highest possible level by making sure you have your cualifications recognised!

Spanish CV / Resume

You will need at least one Spanish style resume / CV (better two or three) in order to gain meaningful employment. The top jobs in Spain receive hundreds of applicants so make sure your CV is the one that makes its mark!

Our guide gives you the tips and hints you need to ensure that your Spanish resume stands out!

Spanish online job application sites

Apply online for current job vacancies in Spain or simply check the demand for your particular skillset. This is our guide to the three sites worth worring about. From manual labour to executive search, its all included here!

Teach English in Spain

Teaching English in Spain is probably one of the easiest and most rewarding employments in Spain... and from the moment you arrive! Its also a good "fall back" idea if your 1st employment option doesn´t work out.

Positions are available for both qualified and unqualified English teachers.

Spanish Job Interview

So you have got over those initial hurdles and are now dreading your first Spanish job interview.... Don´t sweat it! There is a guide for that too!

Typical questions and expected answers are included as well as an outline of the typical interview format. A Spanish job interview is nothing to be worried about. Less so once you know the answers!

Soon afterwards you could be enjoying your dream employment in Spain!

If you find a good tip or webpage for people wanting to work in Spain share it with us here!

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