Madrid Shops!

A typical Spanish butchers displaying Jamon

Do as the Spanish do!

With this guide to Madrid shops the maze that is shopping in a foreign city is unravelled. Experience the best of shopping in Spain and shop as the Spanish do!

Broken down by types of products sold shopping Madrid is made easy. English and Spanish titled Sections mean that you will understand the offerings of even the smallest stores:

  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Department stores
  • Electrical goods
  • Travel
  • Groceries

Of course we also include where you can find these shops as well as indicative opening times!

Opening Hours

Due to the Heat in the middle of the day Madrid shops tend to close for the mid afternoon when the sun is at its strongest. Although the larger stores and Supermarkets have now abandoned this practice small independent family businesses continue to do so.

Typical opening hours

Department Stores & Supermarkets

  • Monday to Saturday 1000 - 2200
  • Sunday - CLOSED except 1st Sunday of each month

Small chains and independent stores

  • Monday to Friday 1000 - 1400/1500 & 1700/1800 to 2000/2100
  • Saturdays 1000 - 1400/1500
  • Sundays CLOSED

When the Madrid shops are closed on Sunday you have the perfect reason to visit El Rastro market!

Ropa or Moda

The principal areas for Clothing are in Goya and on Gran Via as well as in the commercial centres. Both these areas are close to the centre of the city and well conected by Metro & Bus services.

Store names / Brands

  • ZARA - Both smart and casual clothing for all ages. Very similar to GAP in the USA or NEXT in the UK.
  • H&M - A cheaper version ZARA catering more to casual wear.
  • C&A - Smart / Formal clothing for both sexes and children.
  • BERKSHA - Ladies fashion store with some formal items.
  • Adolpho Dominguez - Upmarket formal and casual wear for men.

These Spanish stores can be found mixed in with such international names as Timberland, Tommy Hilfieger, Springfield, Benetton & Nike.

Zapatos or Zapateria

Spains fame for leather products comes accross in the sheer number of Madrid shops offering footwear. Predominately independent retailers shoe prices are a bargain considering the quality on offer. A brand worthy of special mention is:

  • 24hr - Formal and casual shoes for both sexes these come with a unique ventilation system built into the soles. Supplying air directly to the feet, the more you walk the cooler your feet become.

Department Store

In madrid there is only one chain of Department store in the USA model: El Corte Ingles. Thankfully the city has over twenty of them including in the city centre. In these stores you can purchase just about everything you might need from food to travel.

Supermarkets in Spain can vary enourmously in both size and goods offered. Typical names are:

  • Hipercor
  • Carrefour
  • Alcampo
  • SuperSol
  • Caprabo

Electrical goods
Electrodomesticos or Ferreteria

Whilst you might not want to try and take a new fridge or washing machine through the airport the small things like Batteries or Camera memory cards are always needed. Madrids many electrical shops stock these and other essentials. Plug adaptors are also available in these stores.

Madrids electrical shops can be broadly divided into two categories Large domestic items (TV, Fridge etc) and the smaller handyman type store stocking everything from Lightbulbs to Irons. The former will be titled "Electrodomestico" and the latter "Ferreteria". Depending on your need be sure to ask for the correct store type as there is not much in the way of product overlap.

Agente de Viajes

Despite 99% of all travel planning now being possible over the internet there are still times that a Travel agent is needed. Be it to collect a plane ticket, reserve a hotel in another city or simply to compare prices.

All this can accomplished at any one of the following:

  • Halcon Viajes
  • Viajes Iberia
  • Viajes el corte Ingles
  • Iberostar
  • Mundiboy


One of the beauties of Madrid shops is the fact independent stores flourish and competiotion is fierce. This helps keep quality high and prices reasonable.

Within the city on almost every 2nd street you will find a small independent grocery store. There are also a number of specialised Madrid shops going by the following names:

  • Carniceria - Butcher
  • Panaderia - Bakery
  • Frutteria - Fruit and vegetables
  • Pescaderia - Fish and seafood
  • Chacuteria - Cheese

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