Madrid Souvenirs

Typical Madrid souvenirs on sale in the Plaza Mayor.
What are the best Madrid souvenirs to remind you of your great time in this city?

Well Madrid guide Spain cannot possibly answer that but it can give you an idea of whats available & where so that you can make an informed decision!

Your souvenir needs to provoke something in you & not simply the typical "Why on earth did I buy that?"

Although Madrid has a number of tacky tourist shops, almost exclusively stocked with items "Made in ..... anywhere but Spain", there are also a great deal of typical Spanish products available.

All you have to do is follow this guide!

  • Madrid Souvenirs: Where?
  • Madrid Souvenirs: What?
  • Madrid Souvenirs: How Much?
  • Madrid Souvenirs: Something Different

Madrid Souvenirs: Where?

A humerous version of the traditional Spanish Fan.

Madrids souvenir shops are located within the central area of the city with the greatest concentration around the Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor. Within two minutes walk of each other you can be sure to find the mass produced bags, bulls, T-shirts and keyrings being sold at a premium after having been plastered with "MADRID" in some way. They're very affordable and would hardly cause a dent on your savings accounts, normally the quality is questionable but if you realise you have forgotten to get someone something these are the shops to visit in a hurry.

Official outlets: In the same manner as the world over, just about every Madrid attraction has a souvenir store or stall attached to it. Unfortunately they tend to have a limited range of items and all associated to their particular business. Whilst normally I would dismiss these as a "tacky" way of trying to get you put your hand in your pocket once more, Madrid galleries are an exception!

Art Galleries offer a number of high quality prints of the various paintings on display which, if framed, are as close as most of us will get to having the real thing on our living room wall. Available cheaply this is one Madrid souvenir you would not be ashamed to have on display.

For a unique Madrid momento and something of immediately discernable quality there are two options available:

  • Barrio La Latina - On Weekdays the narrow streets have a number of stores offering handmade Spanish craftwork. Here it is possible to see a huge variety of handmade paintings, woodwork and earthenware from all over Spain.
  • Plaza Mayor - There are two stores in the south west corner of the plaza offering typical Spanish handicrafts. In addition there is a small cluster of shops, in the alleys leading off the plaza, dealing almost wholly with Spanish cloth. A handmade fan or headware is the best bet here.

Madrid Souvenirs: What?

It is physically impossible to list all the possible souvenirs available in Madrid. Instead here is a list of uniquely Spanish / Madrid items that cannot be purchased elsewhere.
  • Toro - Miniture Spanish Bulls, They vary in quality from plastic injection molded bulls from Asia to elaborate pieces hand made from actual leather.
  • Abanico -Hand held fan, Elaborately decorated or carved from wood the variety is almost limitless. Available from a few euros to the hundreds of euros.
  • Miniture Monuments - Hand carved and painted of topics as diverse as the Puerta Alcala to the Real Madrid football stadium.
  • Football Souvenirs - Just about everything and anything is available with a Real Madrid crest on it. Either licensed products from the Real Madrid city centre club shop or unlicensed from the many stores and market stalls.
  • Bullfighting souvenirs- Have an advertising poster made with your name included as one of the three matadors (see here for why there are three matadors) or perhaps you want to go the whole hog and purchase a replica matadors jacket?
  • Art & Paintings - From the country that gave birth to Salvador Dali and Picasso there is a large selection of cheap scenes of everyday Spain in everything from Acryllic paint to cloth montages. Perhaps after a couple of Cañas (small beers) a portrait or carictature from one of the many artists in Plaza Mayor is your perfect personal momento?

Madrid Souvenirs: How Much?

A quick reference guide to average prices for the most common Madrid souvenirs:

  • T-Shirts - 5€ (poor quality) to 18€ (as good as a known Brand)
  • Cigarette Lighters - 2€ (plastic) 8€ (imitation zippo)
  • Decorated plates - 8€ and upwards
  • Playing cards - 5€
  • Postcards - 1.50€
  • Tea spoons - 3€
  • Baseball Caps - 12€
  • Painted tiles - 4€

Is there a Madrid souvenir you want to know about that is not listed? Contact us!

Madrid Souvenirs: Something Different

For those looking for a slightly different type of Madrid souvenir the following all deviate slightly from the norm:

  • Swords - Trading on the reputation of Toledo Steel there are two stores in Plaza Mayor offering imitation Swords from Roman leginaires to Conan the barbarian.
  • Postage Stamps - A unique gift available from post offices (this year) or speciality shops in Calle Mayor. A gift and an investment!
  • Euros - Why not give money itself? In europe each country´s money has the same obverse with the reverse showing a design from the issuing country. A mint set of Spanish coins can be had for less than 12€. Available in Calle Mayor and Plaza Mayor.
  • Real Madrid Merchandise - Available from either the stadium itself or the down town store. Take the stadium tour (Paseo de Castellana) and there are discounts available in the stadium store.

After shopping for Madrid souvenirs isn´t it time you checked out Madrid shopping for you personally?

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