Madrid Restaurant

With tasty food you´ll be sure to clear every plate!

Madrid restaurant guide brings together the combined dining experience of over forty different Madrileños and their opinions on the best restaurants in Madrid. With diverse palates amongst the contributers you can expect to find something to suit every taste and wallet!

Before going any further its worth considering two very important points regarding dining out in Madrid:

  • Its cheap &
  • Its a national obsession
Finding a cheap restaurant in Madrid is not difficult and furthermore the quality of ingedients is always to a very high standard... after all Spain was the "garden of the Roman empire" and nowadays the pick of Spanish produce winds up on the tables of Madrids restaurants.

To make things easy and to ensure the visitor is not overwhelmed with choice the Madrid restaurant guide has broken down into seven distinct "flavours" the options available for the discerning dinner:

  • Traditional Spanish restaurants
  • Seafood restaurants
  • Oriental restaurants
  • Vegeterian restaurants
  • Speciality restaurants
  • Theme restaurants
  • Cheap eats
One thing is for sure, in Madrids restaurants you´ll never go hungry!

Of course no guide to dining out in Madrid would be complete without a reference to Madrids Tapas bars. For more information on the Tapas culture simply click on either Madrid Tapas guide or Madrids top 100 Tapas bars

Madrid Restaurants: By Type

Spanish food, Lomo asado or roasted Pork loin

Traditional Spanish restaurants

How does one define a "Traditional Spanish restaurant?"

In reality this is impossible due to the wide range of distinct flavours and the richness of Spanish regional cooking. In this part of the Madrid restaurant guide we show you best of Madrids Spanish restaurants whether they are dedicated to cooking styles from one particular region or offer the best of each region.

Seafood restaurants

Ahh, the Spanish obsession with eating seafood is probably not so widely known outside Spains borders but for anyone that wishes to dig a little deeper they would find that, on a per person basis, Spain is the second largest consumer of seafood in the world, after Japan. Naturally Madrid follows this statistic and it is even said that Spains biggest seafood port is Madrid!

Oriental restaurants

Madrid has a large selection of oriental restaurants

Although Spanish tastes are not, generally speaking, tuned to spicy food there are a number of very good quality Asian and Oriental restaurants in Madrid. Varying from traditional Thai cooking through to Indian curry houses if you like a taste of the east there is a more fair selection of restaurants in Madrid to choose from.

Something special - Laydown restaurant

Something completly off the radar for many visitors is Madrids Laydown restaurant! The only one of its kind in the city you take your shoes off, climb into bed, and eat!

All to the accompaniment of live music! One of the best kept Madrid restaurant secrets!

Vegetarian restaurants

Vegeterian restaurants as such are rather hard to come by with most restaurants prefering to dedicate themselves to full menu service whilst offering a selection of vegeterian dishes at the same time. Notwithstanding we have managed to track down and try a few of the limited selection of vegetarian restaurants in Madrid.

Paella restaurants

Theres nothing better than having Spain come to you and the famous Paella of Valencian origins can be sampled in Madrid. Keep out of the tourist places and choose from one of the top three spots to try authentic Paella in Madrid!

Theme restaurants

In a city the size of Madrid its only natural that alternative or theme restraunts can be encountered easily. The famous "Hard rock cafe" chain has a restaurant centrally located as well as the "Fosters Hollywood" and "La vaca Argentina" restaurant chains of American and Argentinian origin.

Speciality Restaurants

As Spain enjoys an approximate 15% of its population being foreigners there is a plethora of restaurants throughout Madrid offering specialist and traditional cooking from their homeland. From the famous "Argentian Asadores", Argentinian beef restaurants, to the ever present Italian pizza and pasta eateries Madrid offers some of the widest ranging food choices around.

After a fufilling meal in one of these Madrid restaurants you´ll be ready to go explore the best of Madrids attractions!

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