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Worried what to do with your kids whilst visiting Madrid?

Madrid kids has all the answers!

Spanish culture has long held a special place for children and as such they are catered for and looked after almost everywhere they go. Being a large city Madrid has a number of attractions just for them well as some attractions that the bigger kids can enjoy as well!!

This section is forever expanding and if you have found a great activity in Madrid for children please let us know! (Any tips or hints can also be sent in through the same link!)

Madrid Kids: Theme Parks

Due to its size Madrid is blessed with two large themeparks:

  • Parque Warner Bros
  • Parque de Attraciones

Both are established concerns and contain more than enough attractions to keep even for the most demanding of children occupied all day! Some of the fairground rides may even interest the parents!

Madrid Zoo & Aquarium


Just the place for an educational whilst fun day out for all the family. Madrid Zoo & Aquarium complex combines the fun of seeing animals carry out tricks and entertaining with the educational aspect of animal life. With the aquarium also in the complex you can be sure of something a little tamer after visiting the lions!

Madrid kids: Faunia

Whilst Faunia (Spanish for Fauna) might not sound like the most adrenallin pumping name for an attraction the site does what it says and a lot lot more! Fauna is the recreation of miniture biodiverse climates all in one site. Ranging from Underground colonies to Polar ice caps there is alot to see and do here... definatly a full day out!


Open during the summer months these open air splash centers are a hit with children of all ages! An all day activity where the parents can relax (Ok, maybe not completely but a little more than usual) whilst the kids enjoy the thrills and spills of healthy, open air exercise.

Outdoor adventure

Enjoy the thrills and spills of a day in the mountains 30 minutes outside Madrid. Especially fun for children visiting Madrid the park Aventura Amazonia offers a series of aerial walkways for all ages alongside freshwater swimming pools in the middle of a nature reserve.

Other activities!

Whilst the activites above all cost to enter there are a number that require only a little or indeed nothing to partake in.

Madrids Retiro park is an oasis of green right in the city centre! Here kids can watch free shows from a variety of performers (North West corner) at kidilandia, take a row boat onto the lake, skate or skate board on the long shaded roads or get involved with other kids playing a variety of sports on one of the numerous pitches!

A movie is a distinct possibility at one of the many cinemas that show films in English. Whilst not the greatest way to spend a vacation it certainly gives Mum & Dad a couple of free hours wihilst their children are in a safe environment!

During the summer one of the Open air swimming pools is an ideal place to soak up the sun whilst the kids make merry hell! These pools normally allow you to take in your food but if this is a holiday in which you are willing to splash out you can also purchase food at one of the kiosks.

With all these activities available do not forget there are a number of other attractions in Madrid that are fun for all the family!

In Madrid kids will never be bored... The problem will come when its time to take them home!

Children getting that bit older? Or they have aquired more adult tastes? Try some of Madrids other attractions!
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