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One of the benefits of travelling has always been tax free /or duty free shopping at the airport. Well due to Spanish legislation you can now shop duty free and enjoy 17.5% off in any Spanish shop!

Spanish tax refunds are only applicable to:

  • goods value of over €90.15.
  • NON EU Residents

FOUR ways to shop Duty Free!

  • Madrid Barajas Airport tax free shops
  • Madrid Barajas airport duty paid shops
  • Independent stores with a tax free programme
  • Spanish / Madrid stores
Shopping in each place has a slightly different process you need to undertake before receiving your tax refund.

Airport tax free shops

The easiest and simplest way of to shop duty free in Spain. The €90.15 purchase threshold does not apply

Simply present your boarding card at the shops in the airside part of the terminal and you will be charged for the goods without any tax being applied.

Airport Aldesa duty paid shops

Airside in all four terminals at Madrid Barajas airport there are "Aldesa" stores that do not offer duty free pricing. Instead for purchases over €90.15 you will receive a "factura Premier tax free". You must take this document to either of two kiosks where the tax paid will be refunded. Kiosks are located:

  • Terminal 1 - In the largest Aldesa store next to International departures
  • Terminal 4 - In the Aldesa store "Fashion & Fun"

Independent Tax free stores

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Many Madrid stores are now signatories to, and display signs, offering "Tax Free" shopping. These stores have signed up to a tax refund programme administered by one of two agencies who both have offices in Terminals 1 & 4 of the airport:

  • Premier Tax Free
  • Global Tax refund
When purchasing anything over €90.15 in a store participating in one of these programmes you must ask for a "cheque tax free". Your "cheque tax free" details the purchase made and the part associated to Spanish tax contributions.

When departing Spain and before checking in you must present this cheque along with the item to the "oficinas de desgravación fiscal" (Terminal 1, 1st floor, next to check in desk 200 or Terminal 4, 2nd floor, next to security control) where the receipt will be stamped. With a stamped receipt you can then receive a refund at the offices of the issuing programme.

Spanish or Madrid stores

You can claim back the tax from any purchase made in a Spanish store by applying the following simple procedure:

  1. At point of purchase make sure you have a receipt that has the stores address.
  2. At the airport present both the item and the receipt to the "oficinas de desgravación fiscal" (Terminal 1, 1st floor, next to check in desk 200 or Terminal 4, 2nd floor, next to security control) where the receipt will be stamped.
  3. Using the provided envelope complete your address in the appropriate field and seal the envelope.
  4. You will receive a Spanish tax refund direct to the address you provided.
NOTE: In this instance the refund must be sent by the store owner and can be in the form of a cheque in Euros drawn on a Spanish bank.

Many of the stores in Madrids commercial centres offer tax free shopping!

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