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Tree slide and high wire adventure at Aventura Amazonia

Take your children outside the city on a day long Madrid adventure in the mountains and woodland to the North East of the city. Let them enjoy a picnic and swimming in natural mountain stream fed swimming pools as well as a high altitude experience in the trees.

Located in Cercedilla in a natural park Aventura Amazonia offers a unique experience for kids (and adults) in specially designed suspended walkways and cables 30 ft in the air. An aerial walkway of bridges, cables and aerial slides means kids can be suspended in the air is complete safety and most importantly, in summer, in the shade.

As a family Madrid adventure the park at Aventura Amazonia is ideal as those parents who wish to stay on the ground can do so with a picnic or they can enjoy a more advanced route amongst the treetops. If you or the children find yourselves sweating from the exertion you can always change into your bathing suit / trunks and jump in one of the freshwater open air swimming pools in the park.

Practical details for your Madrid adventure:

Getting there:

The park Adventura Amazonia is located next to the small town of Cercedilla which enjoys train connections to Madrid via the Cercanias network however if you're visiting Madrid as a family then we strongly recomend a day only car hire as this offers the possibility of driving up to the gate of the park as well as being flexible in your return time to Madrid.

A map showing how to reach the park is located here.


Apart from reaching Cercedilla the park the only other cost is the enterance itself which is 14€ for children and 19€ for adults HOWEVER adults not using the facilities and simply accompanying their children only need pay 1€.

Opening times:

Depending on the time of year the park opens at differing hours and the best way to check is using the "calendario" (calendar) on the website of Adventura Amazonia which can be found here.

As far as an all day Madrid adventure goes this is one of the better ones in both cost and all round family interest terms. Its also easy to combine a visit with a stop at the Valle de los caidos whos exit from the motorway you'll pass on the way to the park.

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