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Madrid Derby

The Madrid derby comes but twice a year and in Jan 2008 it was Atletico Madrids turn to host Real Madrid. Known throughout Spain as one of the "grand classicos" or great classics the passion of "los indios y los vikingos" divides the city for the day... and depending on the result even longer!

Recent years have seen Real Madrid dominate the Madrid derbies in terms of matches won however the following photos show clearly the Atletico Madrid fans always win

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Madrid derby photos

Atletico Madrid coach, Madrid derby

The evening starts as the fans and ultras of Atletico Madrid welcome the team to the ground. This is outside the famed "Fondo sur" of Atletico Madrid stadium or Vincente Calderon as it is named.

Atletico Madrid fans welcoming the team

Of course with tensions running high the displays of devotion from the Atletico Madrid fans naturally become more feverent as the coach approaches.

Atletico Madrid pre match player warm up

Atleticos players start their warn up 90 minutes before the game as the faithful start to fill up the stadium. In the background is the Fondo Sur, home to the Atletico Madrid Ultras and, quite rightly, where Real Madrid will have to warm up.

Atletico Madrid stadium filling up

The Vicente Calderon continues to fill up as dusk starts to turn to night. This match was played at 1900 on the Sunday instead of the traditional 1700 in order to suit the television schedules.

Vicente Calderon packed out for the Madrid derby

As Kick off draws near there isn´t a spare seat in the house. Not suprising considering that Real Madrid are top of La Liga and Atletico in third when this match took place. Even with Atletico Madrid tickets being priced at 70€ in the cheapest seats!!!

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid come out to raptuous applause

Players from both Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid come out to almost 55,000 screaming fans. It goes without saying that the 500 Real Madrid fans couldn´t be heard at this point. ED: Did I mention that the Editor is an Atleti fan...

Atletico Madrid Ultras

Of course the Madrid derby wouldn´t be complete without a display from the Atletico Madrid ultras. These fans are known as the some of the most passionate and definatly most vocal in Spain.

Madrid derby kicks off

...and we are underway. Hopes, dreams and aspirations are let out in a cacophony of singing, shouting and screaming from fans of "los rojiblancos".

Atletico Madrid players attack the Real Madrid goal

Atletico have the early momentum attacking the Real Madrid goal....

Atletico Madrid shoot wide

.... alas despite numerous Atletico Madrid attacks and the players playing above themselves Real Madrid run out 2-0 winners. The dream of the Atleti supporters is over for another season and they now have to wait for La Liga 2008-09 to start before getting another opportunity to beat "los blancos".

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