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Atletico Madrid Photos

Atletico Madrid photos taken during matchday 11 at home to Villareal in La Liga. This was four days after a 4-3 victory over Sevilla FC and with Atletico Madrid finally having moved up to third in the table.

Atleti being Atleti they promptly went and lost the game against Villareal 3-4 despite being 2-0 up in the first 20 minutes and having a capacity crowd. For good measure Atletico Madrid also missed a penalty at the start of the second half!!!

Is it really that suprising that Atletico fans are known throughout Spain as "los suffredores" ,the sufferers!!!

Pre Match:

Assuming that no one really needs to know about the Pre Pre match bars the logical place to start this Atletico Madrid photos gallery is setting the scene and building the atmosphere.

With a capacity crowd expected its best to visit the Atletico Madrid superstore (located underneath the uncovered side of the Vicente Calderon ).

Atletico Madrid stadium superstore

Of course there are always the independent stalls selling both official and unofficial Atletico Madrid merchandise for those who want to save a few euros. The selection of memrobilia here is far wider than that of the stores and represents a wider range of clubs. This is also the place if you want an anti Real Madrid T shirt, flag, banner or Scarf. Scarves start at 8€ and go up to 20€ with T shirts, polo shirts etc starting around the 10€ mark.

Spanish football store - In fornt of the Vicente Calderon

Of course with the multitudes of Atletico Madrid supporters converging on the Vicente Calderon theres plenty of willing customers for both!

Atletico Madrid supporters pre match

Inside the Vicente Calderon

What photo guide to Atletico Madrid would be complete without a series of photos inside the ground? After all the supporters are what gives the setting the essential ingredient...Atmosphere!

The main stand at the Vicente Calderon plays host to those supporters who are a little older, still children or .... simply want a roof over their heads!!

Vicente Calderon main stand - Atletico Madrid photos gallery

The bottom part of the northern end of Atletico Madrids ground Grand fondo norte is given over to season ticket holders although it is possible to find Matchday tickets for this part of the stadium if you are quick enough. On the second level ,segundo antiteatro, the open corner is given to away fans for league matches.

Atletico Madrid stadium - Northern end

On the other hand the famous Fondo Sur, southern end of the ground is home to the Frente Atleti or "Ultras" as they are sometimes known. These are the most passionate of Atletico Madrid supporters and start the majority of songs and chants.

Vicente Calderon southern end

The "frente atleti" also create banners and displays for important matches as well as, on average, half of the home games. 1982 refers to the inception of these supporters as an organised group instead of different factions.

Atletico Madrid fans display

With a large proportion of games starting at 1700 on a Sunday its possible that the game starts during the day and finishes at night during the shorter winter days.

Atletico Madrid stadium at night

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