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Ticket to the 2007 Madrid derby between Real and Atletico Madrid

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Atletico Madrid: Tickets

There are a few different ways to go about buying your Madrid football tickets:

  • Via internet - from the club website starting at 1100 the Monday before the game (if not sold out - Not that often with Atleti) - Official Atletico Madrid Tickets. Remember: If you pay for your ticket with a non Spanish credit card you will need to take your passport when you collect the match ticket
  • Resale Tickets - On Matchday for the 3-4 Hours leading up to kick off there are a number of people in the bars on the West side of the stadium or from Puerta de Toledo towards the stadium selling either spare tickets or touting. Expect to pay approx 20-50% over face value for normal games, with Real Madrid and Barcelona games always sold out prices are astronomical.
  • Packages - Guaranteed seats from travel companies who will combine match entry with anything from flights and hotels to a burger which constituits a "meal". This is a form of legalised touting. Expect to pay high prices for popular games.

Atletico Madrid Tickets: pricing 2008/2009

Atletico Madrid Tickets start at 30€ and go up to a maximum of 120€. Do not pay anymore than €60 for a matchday ticket as is quoted on a number of websites designed to scam / con the unsuspecting!

Atletico Madrid: Matchday

Nothing compares to the atmosphere of being at a big sporting event! Follow the pointers below and you´ll be sure to have a great time!

  • Arrive early - About 3 hours before the game is best and head for either the west side of the stadium (Frente Bars) or leave the metro at Puerta de Toledo and walk down Paseo de Patones
  • Drinking - Don´t get drunk before the game as you will almost certainly be denied entry, You can however enjoy a good couple of hours of beers and being "boisterous" is what the day is all about!
  • Drinks - Plastic bottles are allowed into the ground with the top removed and less than 500ml fluid remaining
  • Dress - Make sure you know the opposition colours and do not wear them
  • Football Shirts / Jerseys - Do not wear other club shirts or jerseys
  • Singing - Do not sing other club songs (A group of "Brits" singing the songs of their club even though they follow Atleti on the day will be asking for trouble).
  • Shopping - Small market stalls outside the ground have a mix of official and unofficial merchandise.

Atletico madrid Matchday

Residents Tip: If you want to buy Atletico Madrid jerseys, the typical football scarfs or memrobilia do so after the game and the stall holders will still be there and more than happy to see you. Some items will not be allowed into the ground. eg Glasses etc..

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