Spanish Resume

A Spanish resume or Spanish CV differs greatly both in layout and content from the UK or US version. However one thing that does not change is its importance!

A professionally constructed and detailed resume can be the difference between getting the Spanish job interview or not! Do not worry though as here we explain how to go about preparing your CV so as to stand the best chance of being selected for interview.... and hopefully gaining employment in Spain.

Spanish resume: Do´s & Dont´s!

Whilst the rules regarding the presentation of a Spanish CV can depend on who you talk to if you follow the points below you will not be penalised.


  • Include your address, full name, email and telephone number at the top of the page.
  • Include a photo in either the top left or right hand corner
  • Include details of all certificates held
  • Include three one sentence bullet points detailing major responsibilities in each employment held
  • Start with the most recent position held
  • Include a short cover letter
  • Get a friend to read the CV and correct any spelling mistakes

Do not

  • Include an objective / goal statement
  • Use a fancy format
  • Use more than one page
  • Submit your Spanish resume on colored paper
  • Include hobbies or society memberships (Except trade bodies / organizations)
  • Include full educational history. Highest qualification only (Except where Degree and Master differ)
  • Include salaries
  • Include notice periods
  • Include your Date of Birth
  • Use more than one page

If you stick to the above you should have the nuts and bolts of a Spanish Resume which will, "dependent on your suitability", get you in the door.

Spanish CV preperation service

Madrid Guide Spain is pleased to offer a Spanish CV / Spanish resume preperation service at very competitive rates. The service includes the following:

  • Professional translation of CV / Resume to Spanish
  • Layout / Style selection
  • Full English explanation of each phrase used (important for the bullet points!)
  • Use of corresponding Spanish professional Titles / positions
  • Review and spelling / gramatical correction by Spanish language University lecturer
  • Fast turnaround (normally within 7 days)
  • & highly competitive rates!

In addition to the above we continue to work on and adjust your Spanish resume until you are happy!


These rates are for each different electronic resume that we provide. After all normally you would wish to tailor each resume for different Vacancies... All prices in US Dollars
  • First CV $30
  • Thereafter $15 for each additional CV or Resume.
  • Family / Couples $50 1st CV´s
  • Thereafter $10 per additional CV
  • More than Seven CV´s Negotiable
Example 1: Couple requires 3 different CV´s for the husband and one for the wife: Total $70 ($50 + $10 + $10).

Example 2: Individual needs two CV´s. One showing his management skills and the other his engineering skills: Total $45 ($30 + $15).


"I could not be more pleased with the services received from Madrid guide Spain as they assisted me with the creation of my Spanish resume. They were flexible, polite, and professional and therefore I am very happy with the end result. I fully intend to be a returning customer."

P. Hudson, Virginia USA

To start your no obligation consultation regarding your Spanish resume please complete this online form!

Remember: If you use a CV or resume translation service (hopefully ours but this applies equally to any service) it is important to have you resume correct in Englich before starting the translation to a Spanish CV. This site offers some excellent ideas for CV´s.

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