Employment in Spain
Online application

Like the rest of the world, 90% of employment in Spain is now found via online applications on Spanish employment websites.

Although it may a first feel daunting to those with limited command of the Spanish language the processes are, in reality, little different from those back home. Some of the same online employment agencies have even set up Spanish versions of their websites!

Spanish job websites

For the sheer volume of opportunities available and ease of use the biggest employment website in Spain is:


This site provides a good way to test the waters for your profession or to apply for jobs with a Spanish style CV.

On the homepage all you need to do is choose "Date de alta" (sign up) and complete the following fields:

  • Nombre - Name
  • Email
  • Introduce una contraseña - Introduce a password
  • Repitir contraseña - Repeat password
  • Como has.... - How you found the website, Choose any one
  • Select "No" for the field "Quires recibir...."
  • And finally mark the box that says "Has leido...", accept terms and conitions
  • Push the button marked "Terminar"
With this done you can quickly and easily upload a CV and apply for jobs in Spain. The biggest benefit is that in the section marked "Menu privado" you can check the state of your applications (Estado de tus candidaturas) so seeing how Spanish employers are likely to view you.

Alternatively you can search for jobs according to your profession or by simply choosing "English" which will bring up offers in English. Make sure you search with a word that is the Spanish equivalent for your particular trade or profession. Altavista offer a quick translation tool if you need it: Bablefish.

Spanish Executive Search websites

This sector of the Spanish online employment market is dominated by the big two overseas sites:

  • Monster
  • Michael Page
Thankfully this makes signing up a lot easier! We recomend that you first sign up on the USA or UK versions of these sites then enter through either of the following links to the Spanish job sites:

Both sites work in exactly the same way as their UK and US cousins so finding employment in Spain shouldn´t be as much of a headache as you first thought!

If you find another website related to employment in Spain or an online application site please let us know about it, here!

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