Real Madrid Photo Gallery

This daytime Real Madrid photo gallery is from Spains La Liga match between Real Madrid and Valladolid in 2008. Although at the time of the game Valladolid occupied 6th spot in the league and Real Madrid were first the game turned out to be a 7-0 rout!

Ed: As an Atletico fan one must confess to have enjoyed the result somewhat less than the other 79,999 people in the stadium!

Santiago Bernabeu - Basking in the winter sunshine

Immediately after climbing the steps out of the metro (of the same name) one is confronted by the Real Madrid stadium and the matchday atmosphere. The flags that adorn the stadium are of every club in La Liga in that season.

Real Madrid stadium corners each feature a tower

To gain access to the upper tiers (Antiteatros 3 & 4)of the Santiago Bernabeu one must go up one of the four towers located in the corners of ground. If the escalators are working then theres no problem... however this tends to be a rare occurence and more often than not access is via the central stairwell.

Real Madrid merchandise vendors outside the stadium

Of course the matchday experience wouldn´t be complete without the unofficial street hawkers. "Anti Cule" means Anti Barcelona... of course the same stands in Barcelona sell the opposite version of the same scarf "Anti Madrista".

Ed: Atleticos vendors also sell "Anti Madrista" merchandise but until Real start to take us seriously I doubt we will be seeing "Anti Atleti" scarves...:-(

Real madrid stadium lower west side

The lower tier of the west stand, in front of the players tunnel, has another clubs name marked out in the seating "Eal Madrid". Immediately behind this stand is the Museum and trophy room which can be visited during the Real Madrid stadium tour.

View from the Real Madrid executive tower

As an Atletico Madrid fan there was no way I was going to pay to watch Real Madrid but a friends "freebe" to sit in the executive box couldn´t be turned down! Its really not the same singing Anti Madrid songs when no one can hear you!

Real Madrid Fondo Sur (South end)

The "died in the wool" Real Madrid fans had plenty to cheer about, seven goals in fact. The small section behind the goal in the "Fondo Sur" is given over to the "Ultra Sur" and is where 95% of all singing occurs.

Real Madrid photo - The new tier

With the recent opening of the new Tier as part of the "Lateral Este" (East side) 5,000 additional fans can be accomodated in comfort. As the majority of the new seats went straight to fans that had been on the clubs season ticket waiting list these guys tend to be very animated... however they do at least cheer the team on.

Santiago Bernabeu - Upper tier post match

Of course someone has to clean up after these fans when the match finishes....

Real Madrid photo - West Side

... and when those 5,000 seats have been cleaned there are only 75,000 more left to clean!!!

We trust you have enjoyed this Real Madrid photo gallery... if you want something similar see ...more Real Madrid photo galleries from the 2008 Champions League!

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