Proposing in Madrid

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Contemplating proposing in Madrid as part of your romantic visit?

What better moment to do so than when your partner is already in a happy holiday mood!

In Madrid there are numerous romantic places which you can choose from depending on the atmosphere you want to create! Best of all, most are completly free!!

For those Madrid proposal places that are in public a top tip is to approach a fellow tourist or even a native for a photo of you both. Waving a camera normally beats the language barrier.

As you are walking back you get down on one knee and start the proposal. Of course the bystander will immediately recognise the significance of the moment and start snapping away giving you an unbeatable photo of the occasion!

Recomended Places

Plaza Mayor: A four sided public square with little bars and Cafes underneath the arches. If you are one for a public display of your love, or simply want to take advantage of a couple of "bravery drinks" before asking, this is the ideal place for proposing in Madrid. Not the most intimate but certainly romantic! There are no shortage of tourists here if you want a photo of your marriage proposal!

Retiro park The park offers you both public and private places in which to propose. With a variety of backdrops from the lakes to the momuments and nature itself you can even adjust the place you choose to meet your partners tastes.

Our recommendation is to use the northern side of the small lake in front of Retiros Crystal palace which provides a stunning backdrop when you include the waterfall and fountain. One big advantage is that you can both stroll around Retiro until you find the ideal place without your partner suspecting anything!

Above the city: Perhaps a little more expensive than more traditional methods but starting at €120 per person its possible to take a helicopter flight over Madrid. A few words with the pilot beforehand (pilots must speak English) and he would be sure to keep the Helicopter steady during the proposal. Its certainly one way to suprise your partner!

Still lacking alternatives? You can always propose in an intimate manner / traditional way over few glasses of wine in one of the Romantic bars in Madrid.

More inspiration needed? Check out or ask in the forum for more ideas on proposing in Madrid...

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