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The Laydown restaurant in Madrid is a very unique restaurant with a simple concept, you dine lying down!

Thats right in this Madrid restaurant one reserves a "couple of beds" rather than a "table for two". The philosophy of the Laydown restaurant being that of providing an oasis within the concrete and asphalt jungle!

However perhaps the best news for the visitor to Madrid is the fact that all reservations can be done online and in English via the restaurants website!

The concept

The formal atmosphere of a sit down restaurant isn't for everyone and Laydown chose to investigate a way of making dining comfortable and fun. The result was a bed system for guests with live music and shows to complete the sense of total relaxation and complete removal from the stress of normal city life.

Since opening its doors in 2006 the Laydown restaurant has become a fixture with the trendy, chic and adventerous amongst Madrids populace and is only now starting to be discovered by visitors to the city. No doubt in no small part to this Madrid guide!

With all this talk of the "lying down and eating" concept one shouldn't forget that a restaurant only survives in Madrid if its food is of the highest order and the meals at Laydown have been consumed in copious quantities with more than 1200 meals being served each month. Of course, don't take our word for it, try the house speciality Risotto and discover for yourself why the Laydown has developed a dedicated following!

Laydown restaurant Madrid

Fun stats and figures

Interesting, weird and even quirky!
  • Over 300 different live shows a year
  • In a year over 15,000 people "lie down to eat" at the laydown
  • Laydown are the only restaurant in Spain offering the "horizontal dining experience"
  • The guest is more than welcome to take off their shoes for dinner!

How to book

As an internet savvy visitor to Madrid reserving a bed at the Laydown couldn't be easier. Simply follow the English website of the restaurant: For those who prefer the traditional method the telephone number for the restaurant is:
  • (+34) 915 487 937

Finding the Laydown

Occupying a very central location near to Plaza España and just off Gran Via any hotel conceirge or English speaking Madrileño will be able to direct you immediately to:

Plaza de los Mostenses, 9
Which is close to Metro: Plaza de España

Madrid Guide Spain recomends:

A series of helpful recommendations to make the most of your visit to the Laydown:
  • Reserve early, around seven days before, via the restaurants website
  • Check the restaurants website to ensure that the live music / act that eveing is one that you enjoy, after all there is a different group most nights
  • Try the cocktails! Spanish bars and restaurants are somewhat more liberal with their spirit measures than in the USA or Uk!
  • The Risotto, whilst not being "Spanish", is definately the star dish to try
  • Lie back and enjoy the spectacle!
  • Take a walk around the center of Madrid after the meal and show, you won't view it in the same light as you did during the day
  • Being next to the the Theatre district you can always enjoy a meal before visiting the Theatre

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