Travel Tips

Travel tips is a collection of useful telephone numbers and "what to do´s" should anything wayward occur during your visit.

Madrid is one of the safest and crime free of Europes major cities. That does not mean that something could not happen but it is highly unlikely. This page is more for those who leave something behind on the public transport!


Say "Ingles" (English)

This is the telephone for all emergencies. By saying "ingles" they will coinect you to an English speaker. The operator taking your call will then direct the appropriate emergency services to your location. These calls are FREE.

Other emergency services:

  • Fire service: 080
  • Police: 091
  • Civil Guard (Traffic accidents): 062

These calls are free from any telephone.

Embassy services are available in any emergency and their details can be found here!

Information services

There are a variety of services offering information relating to any journey however these calls are charged as a normal telephone call & are in Spanish.

  • Traffic information: 900 123 505
  • Weather: 807 170 365
  • Post office: 900 506 070
  • Consumer information: 010

Tourist Information:

Madrid Tourist information offices:

  • Torre Madrid
    Plaza España
    Tel 91 541 2325
    Weekdays 0900-1900 Sat 0930-1330
  • Barajas Airport
    Tel 91305-8656
    Weekdays 0800-2000 Sat 0900-1300
  • Chamartin Station
    Tel 91 315 9976
    Weekdays 0800-2000 Sat 0900-1300
  • Duque de Medinaceli 2
    Tel 91 429 4951
    Weekdays 0900-1900 Sat 0900-1300
  • Plaza Mayor
    Tel 91 366 5477
    Weekdays 1000-2000 Sat 1000-1400

Lost Property: Plaza de Legazpi 7 Tel 91 588 4346

Credit Cards:

Credit cards are quick becomming the latest travel tip: Use your card to extract money locally and you need not risk carrying cash or Travellers cheques. This is fine unless the card gets copied or stolen!

If for any reason you think your Credit card has been copied or stolen get in touch with your issuer to cancel it as early as possible. It is not unknown that the first time people realise their card has been copied is upon checking out of the Hotel.

Credit cards

Principal issuers cancellation Hotlines:

  • Visa: 902 19 21 00
  • Mastercard: 900 97 12 31
  • American Express: 902 37 56 37

Note: In Spain it is common for establishments not to accept American Express. If you must travel in Spain with an American Express card it is better if you take cash out upon arrival to cover any expenses.

Cash Machines take most cards however check with your issuer before travelling for the fees they charge for this service.

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