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The Top 10 of Spanish food to experience whilst in Madrid as per Madrid Guide Spain.

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As a tip: remember that the floors of bars is where anything that is unwanted is dropped before later being swept up. Aim for one of the rubbish bins (if they are close by) but do not worry unduly if you miss!

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Top Ten: Spanish Food

  1. Jamon - Spanish Ham

    You cannot go to Madrid and not try Spains most famous foodstuff! Salt treated whole Pigs legs that have been air dried for over 12 mths (front legs) and 18 mths (hind legs). Flavours are imparted into the razor thin slices according to the feeding of the pig during its life. Available in any bar or restaurant the famous and expensive "Jamon Pata Negra" (hind leg, black trotter) is the way to go!

  2. Tortilla Español - Spanish Omlette

    Nothing more than fried, thinly sliced, potatoe in an omlette! Sounds simple? Yes, but it tastes divine! Available either as a Tapa (small square piece), Racion (Slice)or in a Bocadillo (sandwich). Some bars will have four or five different types with Chorizo (sausage), Cebolla (Onion) or any one of a number of other ingredients included! Recommended if in need of a hearty breakfast!

  3. Sopa Madrileño - Madrid Soup

    White beans, stewed with Slices of Pork rind and blood sausage give this soup both a distint flavour and body. Normally served with Pan (bread) this will keep you going on those long walks around the city!

  4. Morcilla

    A blood sausage made of Rice, Onion and pigs blood that is then cut into half inch thick slices and fried. Available as a Tapa, Racion or even a main course in most bars and all Spanish restaurants. For the squeamish.... Close your eyes and simply try it!

  5. Gambas a la plancha - Grilled Prawns / Shrimps

    Spain eats 40% of all the fish and shellfish consumed in europe and it should come as no surprise that they demand only the best! Freshly caught in the North Atlantic, normally only 5 days before being lightly grilled, they retain their deep flavour. Don´t be surprised to walk into a bar and see the floor covered in the discarded heads!

  6. Chorizo - Spanish Sausage

    Back to the Pig again! The saying in Spain is that they "eat everything but the squeal!" This is a dry cured sausage similar to salami but without the spice. Served in slices as a Tapa or alternatively fried but most commonly encountered grilled. Generous helpings of Garlic and Paprika gives it a rich distinctive taste.

  7. Patatas Bravas - Fried potatoes in Brava sauce

    Potatoes are divided into small 1 inch chunks and boiled before being deep fried to give them a crispy exterior. Served with spicy "Brava" sauce which is half way between chilli sauce and mayonaise. Quality varies from bar to bar but you will know it when you find a good racion. Great to share between 3 or 4 of you as a snack.

  8. Gazpacho Andaluz - Andalucian Tomatoe Soup

    A cold soup made from blended vegetables and olive oil. Pricipally tomatoes the addition of capsicum/peppers, onion and cucumber gives it a refreshing and cooling effect during those hot summer days! A tablespoon of olive oil is added to give it that creamy texture. As with just about everything else in Spain.... it comes with bread!

  9. Bocadillo de Calamares - Fried squid ring sandwich

    For those who love their seafood this is a real treat! Deep fried battered squid rings are stuffed into a half baguette until overflowing. A hell of a snack between meals!

  10. Orejas - Pigs ears

    Had to finish with the Pig! the ears are finely sliced and lightly cooked in a rich tomatoe and herb sauce. Normally served as a Tapa... you probably won´t even know what you are eating! Maybe something for the little more adventerous!!!

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