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"Save in Madrid" is where we bring together all the tìps and hints from throughout this website as well as those contributed by visitors and natives of the city.

Madrid is inexpensive and almost even cheap to visit if you know how! Whilst we accept that some of these Madrid travel tips won´t apply to some people just using one of them will more than justify 5 minutes reading!

Getting to Madrid

Big potential for monet savings here! Perhaps the biggest expense can offer the biggest savings. A bargain flight to Madrid or travelling off season can bring this destination into your budget:

  • Flights from outside Europe: Be sure to check all the major carriers. The big European carriers can offer connections through their hubs and although it will add 2 hours to your journey it can save hundreds of dollars. Be sure to check: British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France / KLM, Swiss and Alitalia at a minimum!
  • Flights from within Europe:Check out Madrids low cost airline routes to find low cost flights to Madrid from any European city or country. Be sure to check the major airlines as well as their specials can be extremely competitive.

Getting around Madrid

Getting around Madrid economically can be difficult if you are thinking of taking a Taxi everywhere. Instead explore the following options to save in Madrid:

  • By Metro: With Madrids traffic this is the cheapest, cleanest and most economical way to get around. Buy a ticket for ten trips and share it around the group It´ll then work out at around 60 cents a trip! Madrid Metro
  • Book accomodation with transfers: This allows you to save the airport ride into town and you can always try and get some local knowledge from the driver. Most hotels include tourist brochures within the bus so its also a chance to pick up on the latest offers from the various Madrid attractions.

Visitors tips

We always appreciate visitors tips so if you have any money saving methods for Madrid visitors that you want to pass on please send us your "tips to save in Madrid".

  • Use Travel Greeters--
    Travel greeters can raelly help you save in Madrid. They are volunteers. Local people who live in the city and are happy to show it off to visitors. They will give you a personalised tour of Madrid and show you places that other tourists might not get to see. You can find them by doing a search on the Internet or contacting the city council.

  • Picnics--
    food is always an expense you will have, no matter where you go. However, with a little thought, you can really svae in Madrid. Visit the local supermarket or deli. Grab some rolls, cold meat, salad, whatever takes your fancy. Find a seat at the waters edge and you can have a wonderful relaxing meal and have the same million dollar view as the people sitting behind you in the expensive restaurant. You can do the same thing in the local park, at a lookout, in the town square and do some people watching.
    Also some restaurants have cheap meals before a certain time. Normally between Midday. and 3.00p.m. and then again in the evening "Menu del tarde". So if you are prepared to eat early you can save money if you want to treat yourself and eat out. Also don't be afraid to just order an entree as your main meal. They can be just as filling and half the price.

  • House Swap--
    If you want to save some money on accommodation, do a house swap. Either join a house swap club or if you know someone really well, swap houses with them for a week or more. They might be in the next town or a different country. It doesn't hurt to ask them and they might be just as excited to stay in your place for awhile.

  • Coupons-
    Use saving coupons wherever you can. You will be surprised how much money you can save. You can find coupons for everything, accommodation, meals, attractions, all sorts of things. After flights this presents the biggest opportunity to save in Madrid. To find coupons, do a search on the Internet, look in the local papers where you are, in tourist magazines, in "what's on this week" booklets, on the back of supermarket dockets. These are just a few of the places to find coupons.

  • Last Minute Accommodation--
    If you can organise to get away at the last minute, you can save a lot of money on accommodation. Hotels would rather give their rooms away for less money, than to see them go empty. Check out our accomodation guide for chances to save in Madrid on accomodation,
    Don't think that it will be hard to find something because everything will be booked out. Just as an example, at Easter, I found a real bargain. On Monday 2nd April, I did a search. I found a 5 star hotel, 3 nights for less than the price of one night normally. I stayed Friday night, Good Friday, 6th to Easter Monday, 9th. There are plenty of bargains to be found out there.

All of the above tips were submitted by Marlene from World Travel Options where Marlene includes great tips and hints for destinations worldwide

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