Romantic Travel -

Before you go!

Raring to go?

Time for some romantic travel ideas!

Preparing your trip to Madrid doesn´t start when you get in the door of the hotel!

You can start setting the mood right from the moment you tell your loved one that they are going on a romantic trip!

Of course some of these ideas won´t be applicable to all.

Choose those romantic travel ideas that:

(A) You like
(B) Elaborate on them and
(C) Personalize them for your relationship!

The Invite

Add a little of the exotic to the way you break the subject. Instead of saying "grab yer passport, we´re off!" or worse still "Darling in 3 months time we´re going to..." why not invest a little time in the way you give the invitation? Some of the more romantic travel proposals we´ve heard of include:

  1. Filling a small suitacse with confectionary or sweets and having the tickets / booking reference inside the case. Opening the case he or she will think its a normal gift and will have to rumage to find the tickets. Two suprises in one!

  2. The suprise invite. This requires a bit of planning ie you´ll have to have his her case packed, their passport ready and any of their weekend plans cancelled. Normally the easiest way is to get a good friend of theirs to arrange to meet on that weekend so that other plans aren´t made.

  3. The suprise pick up. If you´ve already agreed to go to madrid for the weekend you can still suprise him / her by having a limo take you to the airport instead of the normal transport mode that they are expecting!

  4. Theming your invitation opportunity. Coming to Madrid and even visiting Spain can be made to extend to before the departure by bringing that latin twist to your life beforehand. You can arrange to be in a Spanish restaurant in your hometown or city or prepare a Spanish meal at home during which you present the tickets!

  5. Stunningly simple: Leave the tickets out on the table Friday morning with a bunch of flowers (her) aftershave / small gift (him). They´ll spend all day thinking you´re amazing!

The Airport

With the security situation as it is the options for doing anything even slightly "out of the norm" at an airport are very limited. A few options still open are:

Booking an airport hotel for the night before you depart on your romantic travel. This works well if your partner is working late the night before or if you live a fair distance from the airport. Next to most airports there is an interesting town or city within 30 minutes so it doesn´t have to be the airport itself.

Executive lounges. Without purchasing a business ticket you can still get access to executive lounges in most major airports for a one time fee or annual multi visit tariff. Ebay is normally full of offers or executive lounge access cards at reduced prices.

Upon Arrival

Whilst the airport has a number of ways to get to the center of Madrid you can go that little extra and reserve a limo transfer to make things that little bit "extra special"!

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