Madrid Santiago de Compostela

Flights Madrid to SantiagoThe route Madrid Santiago de Compostela sees a mix of two very distinct airlines operating flights between the two cities.

Ryanair - With low cost services and Iberia via its regional partner Air Nostrum. A detailed analysis of all airlines in Spain is available at: Guide to Spanish airlines

Flight time between the two cities is around 50 minutes.

Train Madrid to SantiagoTwo distinct trains operate in each direction daily with one being an overnight service by "Trenhotel" and the other a mid afternoon departure arriving in the late evening at the destination. The daytime service takes 7 hours for the journey, whilst the overnighter (beds available on board) takes a more leisurely 9 hours.

Tickets are available from 20,00€ for a one-way ticket and 35,00€ for a return trip using a standard seat. The beds, of differing standards, cost considerably more.

For the precise train departure times or to reserve your trip visit Renfe. For more information about travelling via rail in Spain we recomend this overview of Spanish train travel.

Madrid Santiago by busCoaches from Madrid to Santiago de Compostela depart 8 times daily from a variety of departure points in Madrid (The airport, Estacion Sur and Avenida America) however all are operated by the Alsa company. Tickets can be purchased online and departure points defined at the Todobus website.

Return tickets start at 72,50€ with a one way ticket costing just over 42€. This standard buses take 9 hours to connect the cities but the three overnight services take 10 hours apiece.

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