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Which one of the many Madrid museums do you want to visit? Where do your interests lie? One asks as the sheer volume of museums is astounding!

Madrid archaelogical museum

Perhaps you are interested in the Spanish naval history museum; Spanish Armarda, Christopher Columbus and the Spanish main?

If so you are in luck as you do not even need to leave the centre of the city.

Maybe your interest lies instead in Aviation and you want to see the Museo del Aire located in the south of the city with its planes from the Spanish civil war and before? However after flying into Madrid you have probably had enough of aeroplanes!

As there are so many museums in Madrid and also due to their fame Madrid museums relating to ART are located here!

Madrid Museums Directory


  • M=Monday
  • T=Tuesday
  • W=Wednesday
  • Th=Thursday
  • F=Friday
  • S=Saturday
  • Su=Sunday
  • WE=Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
  • H=Holidays

Museo Casa de las Monedas

Address:Calle Doctor Esquerdo 36
Opening times:M-F 1000-1430 & 1700-1930, WE & H 1000-1400
Entrance price:FREE
Description: Museum of money! History of coins and banknotes.

Museo de Arte y Tecnología de Telefónica

Address:Calle Fuencarral 3
Opening times:M-F 1000-1400 & 1700-2000, WE & H 1000-1400
Entrance price:FREE
Description: Museum of art and telephone technology. A journey charting Spains communication history.

Museo Africano

Address:Calle Arturo Soria 101
Opening times:M-F Groups by appointment, WE & H 1130 until tour ends
Entrance price:FREE
Description:A collection of African artefacts as bought back by Spanish missionaries

Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Address:Calle Arturo Serano 11
Opening times:WINTER: T-S 0930-2030. Su & H 0930-1430 SUMMER: T-S 0930-1830. Su & H 0930-1430
Entrance price:3€ Adult 1.50€ Child
Description:The Spanish Royal family´s art and archeological collection

Museo Cerralbo

Address:Calle Ventura Rodríguez 17
Opening times:WINTER T-S 0930-1430.Su 1000- 1400. SUMMER T-S 1000-1430. Su 1000-1330.
Entrance price:€2.40
Description:A Madrid museum containing a collection of art & archeology from the Spanish nobility donated to the city.

Museo de América

Address:Avenida de los Reyes Católicos 6
Opening times:T-S 1000-1500 Su 1000-1430
Entrance price:€3
Description: Spains history on the American continent. Florida sale, Conquistadores and more! Predonminately science based.

Museo de Antropología

Address:Calle Alfonso XII 68
Opening times:T-S 1000-1930, Su 1000-1400
Entrance price:€3
Description: Museum of anthropology. Founded in 1875

Museo de Cera

Address:Paseo Recoletos 41
Opening times:M-F 1000-1430 & 1630-2030, WE & H 1000-2030
Entrance price:€7.50
Description: Madrids Wax Museum - Very central and good for kids!

Museo de la Ciudad

Address:Calle Príncipe de Vergara 140
Opening times: T-F 1000-1400 & 1400-1900. WE 1000-1400
Entrance price:FREE
Description:Madrid city museum. The city´s history from inaguration to today. Watch the city evolve with pictures, artefacts and movies.

Madrid Museums hint

Residents Tip:

If you are on a budget the best time to visit Madrid museums is Sunday morning. Some are free at this time and others have special reduced entrance prices!

Museo de la Guardia Civil

Address:Calle Guzmán el Bueno 110
Opening times:M-F 0800-1430
Entrance price:FREE
Description:The history of Spains paramilitary police force.

Museo de San Isidro

Address:Plaza San Andrés 2
Opening times:M-F 0930-2000. WE 1000-1400
Entrance price:FREE
Description:Museum dedictaed to Madrids Patron Saint & housed in the house in which he lived.

Museo del Aire

Address:Paseo Extremadura
Opening times:M-F 1000-1600
Entrance price:Unknown but charges
Description:The Museum of the Spanish airforce. Little known fact is that the German aircraft in the epic film "Battle of Britain" came from this museum.

Museo del Ejercito

Address:Calle Méndez Núñez 1
Opening times:T-Su 1000-1400
Entrance price:Unknown but charges
Description:The Museum of the Spanish Army. Weapons, Uniforms Machinery and history.

Museo Erotico

Address:Calle Doctor Cortezo 2
Opening times:Th-Su 1100-2230
Entrance price:€5.50
Description:One of the most different of Madrid museums. Dedicated to all things Erotic. Explores the attitudes of people from all over the world

Museo Nacional de la Ciencia y la Tecnología

Address:Paseo Delicias 61
Opening times:WINTER T-S 1000-14.00 & 1600-2000 Su & H 1000-1430. SUMMER T-S 0900-1500. Su & H 1000-1430.
Entrance price:€3
Description:National museum of Science & Technology. An extensive collection.

Museo Naval

Address:Paseo Prado 5
Opening times:T-Su 1030-1330
Entrance price:FREE
Description:Museum of the Spanish Navy and all things maritime.

Observatorio Astronómico Nacional

Address:Calle Alfonso XII 3
Opening times:M-F 0900-1400
Entrance price:FREE
Description:The Spanish National Astronomy society´s history incluiding artefacts.

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