Madrid Horseracing

In Madrid horseracing is relatively new yet it is becoming more and more popular as Spaniards start to embrace the sport. For visitors to Madrid who wish to go and see a meet at the hippodrome Zarzuela its a relatively simple process and this guide makes it simpler still!

Horseracing Zarzuela


  • Sundays - Mornings from 1000 (1st race normally 1100) to Mid afternoon (1400ish)- 12 races normally but this can vary.
  • Thursdays - Some thursday evening events are held throughout the year but would need to be checked first on the official site under "Carreras" and then "Programa de Temporada" official site


Avenida Padre Huidobro s/n
A-6, kilómetro 8
28023 Madrid
Telephone: 91.740.05.40,
Fax: 91.307.11.38

Getting there:

The quickest and easiest way to take in the best of Madrid horseracing is via the Free bus from Paseo Moret (1st bus departs 1000hrs) next to Moncloa bus station. The quick journey takes around 20 minutes and you may even get up on the gossip!

Hippodrome entrance prices:

Tickets for the Madrid racecourse at Zarzuela can be purchased online in advance from or on the day itself at the gate from 1000 onwards.

There are three different types of horseracing tickets available:

  • 9€ General - Entrance to the complex and open air terrace furthest from the post
  • 12€ Principal - Entrance to the complex, the covered "Tribuna sur" and terrace nearest to the post
  • 30€ Preferente - Entrance to the covered "Tribuna Norte", the central paddock zone and all the marquees except the "Green pass" marquee.

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