Internet in Madrid

Internet in Madrid shows you how you can stay connected during your stay in the most economical and most comfortable ways!

Being in Madrid on business or holiday doesn't mean you need to go without internet access. Perhaps you need it even more as you access the corporate email, send photos of the sights you've seen or simply to update your facebook profile!

Madrid offers three distinct options for getting online whilst in the city:

  • Free Wifi
  • Internet cafes
  • Hotel Internet

Free Wifi

Do you want to be online whilst visiting the Puerta del Sol or check times for the Royal palace? Its possible via Free wifi from Wifimas one of Spains most innovative Wifi providers!

Taking advantage of the roofs of more than 120 newspaper stands and kiosks Wifimas have created the largest wifi network in Madrid and the coverage keeps on growing as new points are added on a weekly basis. Best of all is that they offer the visitor to Madrid 30 minutes free access daily, ideal for purchasing tickets to events or simply checking out opening times of the major Madrid attractions!

If you need more than 30 minutes daily internet access then 24hr connections cost from just 3€.


Madrid internet cafes

Connecting to the ineternet in Madrid is done by many via the traditonal internet cafes or as they are known in Spanish

These locutorios provide an inexpensive, although stationary, way of getting online whilst on holiday or business. The Madrid visitor should remember that these computers are not considered to be secure!

Typical Internet access costs are around 3€ per hour although this can be cheaper in the outskirts and up to 5€ per hour in Madrid city center!

Locutorios are numerous throughout the city and will normally be combined with a long distance cheap telephgonbe calling service.

Madrid hotel internet

Perhaps the most comfortable way to access the internet in Madrid is from the relaxing surrounds of your hotel. It is also the most expensive way if it doesn't come free with the price of the room!

Typical hotel internet rates in Madrid can vary from as little as €7 per day to €15 per day depending on the hotel. One chain of hotels that offers free access and a free laptop to connect with is the "High Tech" hotel group. This is aimed more at the business traveller but their connections are fast and can be used by anyone staying there.

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